Introducing A Step-by-Step System That Imparts 11 Critical Comprehension Skills Your Child Can Apply To Ace His Higher Chinese – Without An Endless Drill Of Practices   

Hi! I'm Teacher Rosalind, the founder of Fun Language Learning.

I help students achieve their desired grades in English and Chinese languages by guiding them to develop effective language learning strategies and skills. 

I'm registered with MOE-IRS and having taught local and international students in private and school settings over the last 10 years, I’ve seen many students struggle with comprehension. 

The latest change in examination format of the PSLE HCL paper is well-intended but it has caught many students unaware.

This is why My HCL Toolbox: Super Sleuth Answering Techniques 

高级华文《阅读理解必胜攻略之超级侦探作答技巧》is here to impart

11 Crucial Comprehension Skills your child needs to answer HCL comprehension questions confidently using the right approach and score a merit or distinction:

Understand the Main Idea Of The Whole Text without getting lost in the details

Extract the Main Idea Of Each Paragraph even if there are alien words 

Use RAS™: Three Critical Criteria to answer questions thoroughly so that the examiner has no choice but to award full marks

Find Vocabulary like a magnet instead of looking for a needle in the haystack 

Compare Characters And Situations with a laser-focusing technique that captures precise information

Explain Personality Of Characters by looking out for three key tell-tale signs

Bestow A Title and substantiate it with ironclad proof (NEW!)

Explain Phrases In Context, including the information that 90% of students miss out (NEW!)

Explain Information In Context using visible and hidden clues in the text

How to stop sweating over the word count and Summarise A Paragraph confidently (NEW!)

Analyse and answer Give Your Opinion type of questions to the point.

Here’s a sneak preview of what your child will learn:

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