Why Us

Have you ever thought to yourself:


  • “What have I done wrongly? I’ve bought all kinds of assessment and model composition books but my boy doesn’t seem to be getting better in his Chinese.”


  • “I dread going to the parent-teacher meeting at the end of every semester. The teachers say the same thing about my girl. She still writes badly.”


  • “I see the drastic drop in his English grades and I can’t help but worry. It’s lower than the average score of his cohort! What if he falls behind everyone?”


If you have, you are in the right place.



Hi, I’m Rosalind Ong, the founder of Fun Language Learning.


As a Bilingual Specialist, I help students achieve their personal best grades in English and Chinese languages by guiding them to develop effective language learning strategies and skills


Having taught local and international students in private and school settings over the last 10 years, I’ve seen many students struggle with languages.


Their eyes would glaze over when they are asked to do language assignments. 


They may pay lip service and say ‘ok’ but their work remains undone.


Outside of language lessons, they do not read or practise writing.


Do these sound familiar?


If so, it’s no wonder that you also start to wonder…


…can my children really:

Get into the schools and courses they want because they qualify with their language grades?


TickPut their iPad and Wii aside for a while and take a pen or laptop to write without being forced to do so?


TickPick up a book and share the story with me instead of glueing their eyes to their mobile phones all the time?


TickRemember new words fast and not stare at them blankly the next moment?


TickLearn and revise on their own without engaging in a tug-of-war with me?


Fortunately, the answer is: “Yes, it’s possible…”


“…if you and your children know the right language learning strategies.”


Fun Language Learning is here to support you with proven language study tips, strategies and materials that have worked well with students from 9 to 16 years old. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter and get free access to our exclusive materials.



How do I know my strategies and materials work?


I’ve used them to achieve fluency in multiple languages (English, Chinese and Korean) and hold the record of ‘A’ grades and distinctions for English and Higher Chinese in major exams even though I was in the triple science stream in my pre-university days.

All these paved the way for my certifications in teaching and translation as I pursue my passion for language learning and teaching.


And, it’s not just me.


My students have also achieved breakthroughs using my SPEED Language Learning methodology:


 Student-Centric SPEED Language Learning


With little voices spurring me on, it has been a heartening journey:


“Remember the game you played with me last time? I L-O-V-E it. Can we play it again?” said my 10-year-old student. He was referring to an English language game I had created 4 years ago to pique his interest in learning. Back then, he had close to zero English literacy and hesitated to speak in English. Today, he volunteers to speak in class and gives presentations in English with great confidence. He has since passed a stringent admission interview and was accepted into a renowned world-class international school.


“Teacher Ros, your class is different. It’s fun,” my 8-year-old student suddenly commented during a lesson. She was referring to craftwork, creative writing, story-telling games and other language learning activities which she enjoyed doing during my lessons. When she first joined my class, she disliked speaking Chinese. Today, she tells elaborated stories in Chinese. Chinese is now one of her best subjects in school.


“Somehow, I have more confidence in English now,” said my 16-year-old student. When she first came to me, she had just received her GCE O level English results. She had failed with a D7 grade and her morale was at an all-time low. Within 8 months, she gained enough confidence to re-sit her GCE O level English paper and managed to achieve a B3 grade with her existing skills by applying the strategies I taught her.


What your children need to succeed


Language learning is a long journey. However, we can speed it up and make it enjoyable with the right strategies and activities. Your children need not be stuffed with knowledge for the sake of exams.


The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting. —Plutarch


In this fast-paced information age, retaining an inquisitive mind is the key to success. As your children develop skills and strategies that ignite their interest in learning, they can learn anything effectively on their own.


This is why I created Fun Language Learning—not to force-feed your children with tonnes of information but to help them develop effective language learning skills and strategies. With the right groundwork, they will be rewarded with the examination grades they desire.


If you have not done so, do subscribe to our newsletter so that we can send you exclusive and effective language learning tips, strategies and materials for free.



Thank you for dropping by. I hope you can give me a chance to add value to your child’s language learning journey and bright future.


To your child’s massive improvement in languages,