Photo by Marcelo Vaz on Unsplash   Have you heard of this expression?   你吃先,我不饿。(Literally: You eat first. I’m not hungry.)   Do you think this Chinese sentence is grammatical?   The fact is, it isn’t.   Here’s the correct way of expressing it:   你先吃,我不饿。(Please go ahead. I’m not hungry.)   In […]

Help! My Chinese Sentences Are Ungrammatical!

Many students have issues presenting their thoughts and explaining phrases in comprehension passages.   What they are not aware of is this:   There are two aspects to the meaning of phrases, just like the iceberg.     The superficial meaning is represented by the tip of the iceberg while […]

Chinese Comprehension: A Simple 2-Step Approach To Explaining Phrases

  A few weeks ago, I came across this in my P3 student’s work: A seemingly absurd answer   This sentence translates to: He is neither a Chinese nor a Malay.   Technically speaking, this is grammatically correct but contextually, something is missing.   Instead of marking him wrong straight […]

What’s Your Tolerance Level Towards Your Child’s Absurd Answers?

  My 9-year-old came to my lesson looking glum.   Really glum.   This was unlike his usual chirpy self, so I immediately sensed it.   However, I didn’t need to probe. His sister soon revealed the reason for his unhappiness.   In fact, he had just cried.   His […]

7 Highly Effective Ways To Remember Chinese Words For Life

  Do you always find yourself in a tug-of-war when you ask your children to practise writing their composition or essay?   “Okay.” And they carry on with what they are doing.   “I still have homework to do.” And they get ‘busy’.   One day. One week. One month […]

How To Motivate Your Child To Write